I have always been proud to be a nurse. I have always wanted to help people and take care of people in need. Today, amidst the uncertainty, panic, and global fear, I am prouder than ever. Along with my feelings of pride come fear. I have never feared going to work. I have always felt safe and protected because my employer and members of hospital administration make sure their employees are well protected. What happens when hospital administrators are unable to protect their employees because of the shortage of supplies? 

The pandemic of COVID-19 has created a mass shortage of personal protective equipment (aka PPE).  Many hospitals do not have the proper PPE to give their staff for when they are taking care a COVID positive patient. The CDC is now advising using homemade masks, such as a bandana or scarf, as a “last resort” to treat patients with COVID-19.

This statement would be like asking military personnel to wear a cardboard vest instead of a bulletproof vest in the middle of a war. It would be like asking a fireman to run into a burning tower with no protective equipment. 

Healthcare workers everywhere are sacrificing their own health in order to take care of others in unsafe environments due to the supply shortage. Not only that, but healthcare workers have to stay away from family to make sure they don’t bring the virus home to loved ones. Some nurses and physicians are unable to go home to their new baby and are living at hotels and renting apartments together just to keep their family safe.

I have had so many people reach out to me asking how they can help, which is where this website came from! The power of people and connections is a very beautiful thing. 

This website is how you can help local healthcare workers and hopefully we can reach healthcare workers across the nation. 

Please urge your friends to donate PPE, donate time, donate money, donate blood, etc. We will be posting information of how to help, so stay tuned! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.